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We are passionate about providing highly efficient, reliable, innovative and cost-effective low carbon and renewable energy solutions that are aligned with the UK’s commitment on achieving decarbonisation and net zero targets.

Sustainable energy for future generations

The global climate crisis, combined with political, environmental, social and economic pressures have forced organisations to disclose their product, operational and corporate carbon footprints and take such measures to develop strategies and supporting delivery plans that focus on drastic emission reduction targets.

The UK’s energy transition toward a low-carbon economy and net zero is somewhat challenging given there are technical, operational and commercial challenges, skill shortages, lack of reliable energy/emissions and carbon footprint data, broad range of decarbonisation concepts and a lack of internal commitment within an organisation.

Avrenim Energy Services (AES) have brought together a specialist team, systems, tools and processes that collectively can manage and optimise the performance of your existing energy management obligations whilst further supporting your decarbonisation efforts.

Whether we are already acting as your Energy Management partner or your organisation is just beginning its decarbonisation journey, we are well placed to support your existing and future energy ambitions. We recognise that many organisations are currently utilising non efficient and conventional energy systems that are fuelled by oil, coal or gas and are seeking an energy services partner to optimise existing energy management operations whilst supporting the development of a low carbon/net zero strategy and supporting roadmap. Whatever your energy management requirements we can support or fully manage your energy obligations.

Energy Management

AES provide a comprehensive and tailored energy management service based on a holistic approach that acts as the catalyst to developing a sustainable energy management model within your business. Our primary objective is to support and where requested review and optimise your existing energy management  arrangements whilst further supporting or managing your decarbonisation and net zero targets and ambitions. Whilst we can undertake procurement reviews, energy management audits, energy assessments, feasibility studies, asset condition and performance reviews to support the development of energy efficiency and/or improvement programmes we can further embed our staff within your organisation and take on the full responsibility for your energy management obligations that will provide a sustainable energy solution, align with decarbonisation and net zero targets, ensure security of supply, demonstrate compliance and achieve significant cost savings throughout the lifecycle term of your assets.

Carbon Reduction Approach

AES recognise that businesses have their own unique strategies, commitments, cultures etc therefore we will always adopt our 3 phase approach to supporting their decarbonisation and net zero ambitions as listed below,

  • Consultation Phase
  • Assessment Phase
  • Implementation Phase

Consultation Phase

The consultation phase is designed to aid our understanding of your corporate strategies, business objectives, targets, ambitions, timelines and key stakeholders specific to energy management, decarbonisation and net zero.
The process includes the following,

  • Consultation sessions to understand your business value of decarbonisation and net zero
  • Detailed discussions about the concepts behind decarbonisation and net zero
  • Detailed discussions about current regulations and policies
  • Discussion about roles and responsibilities and key stakeholders within your business
  • Discussion about the relationship between your services, products and decarbonisation
  • Discussion about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and our assessment approach
  • Discussion about developing strategies and supporting roadmaps

Assessment Phase

The assessment phase allows us to gather the data required to model your existing status which supports the development of the Decarbonisation & Net Zero Strategy and Roadmap.

The process includes the following,

  • Procurement and energy management review.
  • Detailed analysis of your buildings, assets and operations to determine your carbon footprint.
  • Feasibility and desktop studies.
  • Emissions review and analysis.
  • Identifying energy management/efficiency and decarbonisation initiatives.
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation.
  • Agree on implementation criteria.

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase allows us to deliver the energy efficiency initiatives required to achieve the desired decarbonisation levels.

The process includes the following,

  • Translate all consultation and assessment data into a detailed decarbonisation and net zero strategy.
  • Develop the decarbonisation and net zero roadmap.
  • Consultation with the client to gain approval.
  • Implement all the energy efficiency/decarbonisation reduction measures to meet the strategy/roadmap.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the changes.
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